Careers For Driven People

Brayman is about being driven, innovative and creative. Our hard-working teams tackle challenges on a daily basis; they solve the problems that others don’t want.

Work With Us

In our commitment to continuously build our team to support an expanding client base, Brayman is always looking for qualified, motivated and experienced people who are interested in pursuing career opportunities in a fast-paced challenging environment.

Business Operations


You are someone that has a keen financial mind and an overall understanding of the tactical day-to-day and long-term mission of the organization. Responsible for treasury and cash management functions, banking, financial modeling and forecasting, the thrill is in the detail for you.

Teamwork is paramount to the success of the Finance and Accounting Teams and it’s evident in the daily output and deliverables of the group.  

Accounting/Job Cost/Payroll

It’s the adrenaline rush you feel from working within tight deadlines, with the business imperative that there’s no room for error.

It’s the driving force of the business, from ensuring the integrity of accounting detail such as recordkeeping, verification, consolidation and reporting of transactions, to maintaining job cost detail, to ensuring payroll is processed both accurately and on time for each of our team members.


Safety is Our Attitude for Life.  It’s not just a catchy slogan, it’s our daily motivation.

Our people are our most important asset and we rely on all our field personnel to execute on our mission.  Our safety team is driven to ensure health and safety programs are properly established, implemented and followed with one goal in mind – to prevent injury and to make certain that each team member goes home safely after a hard day’s work.

Safety is paramount to the ongoing success of our organization.

Our safety team members know that their role is vital and that they are supported by management to effect positive change at each and every opportunity, from an active project site, to a fabrication shop, to the corporate office. 

Information Tech

The clicks from the keyboard, the glow of your monitors, the whirl of the fans from the racks of servers; it’s all your world.  It’s the satisfaction derived from implementing a new system successfully, to developing a custom-solution that wasn’t easy, or to assisting our team members with their ongoing technology needs and requests for better processes.

People are the company’s most valuable resource, but data and technology are a close second.  Data is the lifeblood that allows the company to function daily.  Access to that data is what allows team members to do their jobs effectively and productively.  IT’s world is 24/7; it’s constantly on so that the team can always be working.  Anytime, anywhere.

Human Resources

Taking care of team members and ensuring new hires start their careers off on the right foot.  Staying in compliance with employment and labor laws, providing guidance to managers regarding team member issues, administering benefit programs and maintaining team member personnel documentation.  It’s what makes HR happy.  Knowing you’re making a difference through the building of relationships and encouraging good communication between the various levels, from management to the front line.

Being a team player and spokesperson for all, it’s the ability to show that the warm and fuzzy is necessary and impactful even when business moves at a crazy pace.


Building content and collateral from scratch, impacting the brand of the organization through effective communication and consistency of standards.  It’s beating the ever-present time crunch and being successful in fulfilling last-minute project requests.  It’s the high-energy and fun atmosphere that motivates and gets the creative juices flowing.  It’s what Marketing does.

Involved and working with all aspects of the organization, it’s about ensuring both internal messaging as well as external communications and advertising appropriately represent and further the brand.  Projects range from the various divisions and profit centers to supporting strategic initiatives endorsed by management.  Bring your “A” game.  Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Admin Support

Managing and coordinating an executive’s day, supporting an entire department’s needs, ensuring productive and efficient management of projects.  It’s the ability to prioritize in a fast-paced and dynamic environment while being able to connect with managers, team members and many types outside the organization. Being a problem solver and getting things done.

It’s knowing that your contributions are making a difference.   Administrative support professionals help establish the underlying fabric of the organization; it’s the day-to-day support of front-line supervisors to our management team that builds upon each day’s successes.

Legal Contracts & Management

It’s passion for the law that drives our commitment each day.  Reviewing contracts to ensure the organization’s interests are covered and that liability is appropriately assigned.  Advising management on specific cases, business transactions, legal rights and obligations.

It’s the responsibility to interpret laws, rulings and regulations fairly and equitably and to align the organization’s compass in the appropriate direction.

Logistics & Support


Providing on-site storage and repair facilities requires a team to oversee and coordinate the yard, mechanic’s garages as well as general equipment and inventory areas. It’s a “start early and work hard” kind of a role; rain or shine the work must be done to ensure project needs stay on track.

It’s signaling and operating cranes in the yard to load trucks going out in the field. It’s the coordination of various tooling and supplies to make sure everyone has what they need to get the job done. It’s teamwork that drives our group every day.

Trucking (Driver)

Sitting in your cab, hearing the sound of a truck engine roaring to life.  It’s the responsibility of transporting equipment, tooling, rebar cages, precast bridge segments and other project deliverables safely and on time to project sites.  It’s a multi-state trek and the thrill of the open road that pumps blood through your veins.

Loading and unloading cargo is part of the challenge and part of the fun.  Driving in a safe and efficient manner, ensuring proper protocols are followed each and every time is the requirement.  Let’s head out on the highway and see where we can go together.

Equipment Management/Repair (Mechanic)

The sound of heavy equipment coming to life in the morning.  The clank of a wrench as scheduled repairs are completed in the on-site garage bays.  It’s being on-site at an active project to complete emergency maintenance repairs.  It’s knowing your role is vital because equipment is at the root of meeting project schedules and demands and uptime must be maximized.

It’s meeting the challenge of scheduling and tracking equipment usage across all project needs in several different states and locations.  It’s implementing and managing vehicle and equipment preventive maintenance programs to ensure the fleet is always operational and productive.

Overseeing a team of trained mechanics versed on the ins and outs of small tools up to large cranes; it provides the capability to mobilize equipment and materials for specific project needs.

Engineering and Technical

Group Management

It’s inspiring growth while leading and setting the standard for the team.  Making the tough decisions when the moment counts the most.  Charting the path to the next successful opportunity and advancing capabilities for ongoing impact and business development.

It’s the thrill of the business that drives strategy and planning.  It’s knowing that you can impact the future of the company by learning, growing and pursuing.  It’s not for the faint of heart; it’s the hard-working drive that leads to thinking out-of-the-box for creative innovation.

Project Management

Working to coordinate and oversee all aspects of a project is your happy place.  Paying small attention to big problems ensures your success as well as the company’s.  Owning the responsibility for contract management, change orders, subcontracts, scheduling, resource allocation, quantities, materials and more, is what fuels your day.

It’s about being adaptable, learning and evolving with the complexity of work solutions offered by the group.  It’s choosing the lifestyle, not just a “job”; it’s about accepting the challenge and striving to exceed expectations.

Project Engineers

Working alongside a Project Manager to ensure successful project completion is everyday’s motivation.  Being responsible for managing takeoffs, preparing proposals, obtaining quotes from suppliers, and working with subcontractors and QA/QC personnel is some of what makes up your day.

You’re driven to help control the critical path.  Your enthusiasm and energy help motivate the team.  Being part of the solution helps feed your soul.


It’s the thrill of reviewing new bid opportunities and project requirements, crafting a plan and waiting for the final results.  It’s “ringing the bell” to notify the team that another estimate has become a successful win.  It’s the pat on the back and congratulatory messages received that recognize the team’s effort and the hard work put forth.

It’s winning the big project that makes all the long hours and late nights leading up to final submittal totally worth it.  Being inspired to think outside-the-box for creative solutions to complex work, it’s what speaks to our souls.


It’s just you and your equipment, seeing the project landscape come to life; being integral to the development of the layout of bridges, dams, highways, geotechnical projects and other heavy civil industrial projects.

It’s playing a vital role in a project through the use of measurements and calculations, providing data relevant to the shape, contour, gravitation, location, elevation and dimension of land.  It’s the responsibility that thrills and motivates you.

Quality Control

It’s the level of detail that speaks to you; it’s being organized and efficient to ensure the quality of project deliverables while documenting and testing for specific requirements needed at the various jobsites.  Being a member of the project team, it’s about making work productive and effective.

It’s the buzz after a hard day’s work that confirms you have ensured the safety and performance of all.  It’s making a difference each and every day.


Carpenter (Piledriver, Welder)

The buzz of a saw and the smell of fresh-cut lumber.  The flash of a welder’s torch.  Seeing project plans and drawings come to life.  Driving steel, concrete or wood piles for large scale or deep foundation work.

Carpenters fill key roles at our active jobsites.  From their passion for building concrete forms to piledriving and welding, their skills are highly utilized throughout the various stages of  infrastructure projects, from pre-installation to construction and erection.

Operator (Drill, Crane, and Mechanic)

The thrill of an early morning sunrise when the jobsite begins to come alive.  Equipment roaring into action.  Breaking ground.  Hoisting and lifting beams.  Making something out of nothing.  Working harder than you need to, because it speaks to your soul.

Qualified heavy equipment, drill and crane operators as well as mechanic technicians are in-demand at all our jobsites.  Passionate about safety, their expertise in all types of heavy equipment operation, from cranes, drills, dozers, loaders and more, as well as the efficient inspection, maintenance and repair of equipment helps control the critical path.


The feeling of sore muscles after a good day’s work; the energy is derived from the constant activity present at a construction site.  Knowing you make a difference.  Impacting the safety of others and the community.

Laborers operate small equipment, as well as hand, power and air tools. They maintain traffic control and signal equipment operators.  They assist with trenching, shoring and soil compaction.  These key tasks help ensure field productivity and on-time delivery of projects.